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The most popular way to have fun with sexy girls in Dongguan is to visit a KTV Club. You will find a lot of them all over China and also a lot of them in Dongguan. The Center for the best KTV-Clubs is Changping City, so if you really want to have fun with girls in China, you should not miss to visit a KTV in Dongguan. 

Dongguan KTV Price System

In a Dongguan KTV, the fee will be separated in different items. Most time you will show up with a group from 3 to 10 guys, so the fees are taken one time from the group, but the girls fee will be charged to the customer who selected the girl. 

  • Room fee: For the Room you have to pay around 200 up to 800 RMB for the night, normally start at 6 pm and end around 1 to 3 am.
  • Food and Beverage: Additional you will eat and drink there. Here the prices are normal shop price, most time even much cheaper than in a bar or club. Some KTVs will also ask for a minimum spending (in this case very often they don`t charge a room fee).
  • DJ/Waiter Fee: Some places charge 100 up to 300 RMB for the waiter who will serve the drinks or for the girl who control the music System. 
  • Mamasan Fee: In some KTVs in Dongguan you also have to tip the woman who provides the girl (200 to 400 RMB), payed one time from the group.
  • Girls fee: for the girl you select, you have to pay a sitting fee. this will be 100 to 600 RMB for the evening in the KTV Room. If you want to take her out, you have to pay around 400 to 1000 for a short time (1 to 3 hours, depends on your negotiation skill). There is also a chance to take the girl out for overnight, here you have to calculate 800 to 1500 RMB.  Price list will normally shown as (3/7/10), means 300 sitting fee, 700 RMB short time and 1000 RMB for overnight. Most KTVs in Dongguan also will offer different categories of girls, from a normal girl with lower fee up to model type girls with a very high fee. 

Service you can get in a KTV

For western people the first KTV Session is wired experience, and if you talk about it, it seems to be strange, but if you go there, you will find out it is great and incredible hot. 

What will happen, if you book a KTV Session?

  • When you arrive there (most time with a group of other guys), you first will have to select "your" girl. Best time to show up will be around 5 to 6 pm, because also here the early bird pick the best! Some KTV will offer a "flower street", where all the girls stand around and wait to be picked up, sometimes hundreds of beautiful girls! In other KTVs, the "mamasan" will come to your room, ask for your requirement (for example if the girls should be willing to go out with you or not necessary), than she will bring girls to your room. This is called "lineup". If you don`t like one of this 6 to 10 girls, you ask for another lineup and so on, as long as you found what you are looking for. 
  • When every guy has made a decision for his girl, the party will start. In the room you will have a big sofa area where you can sit down with your girl and friends, than you will have a big screen for the karaoke videos and most time a very good sound and light system. 
  • Now you, your friends and the girls will sing karaoke, drink (most time a lot of alcohol), play with dice and some other games. If the athmosphere is good and the chemistry between you and your girl will also be good, you can touch her a little bit, kiss her and so on (but don`t expect to have "total" fun in the KTV. The rooms are most time visible from outside, people will go in and out and so on. 
  • In some KTVs there will be games like "girls rotation" where you change the girls with your neighbor again and again, till you get back your own babe. Some KTVs have girls charge a little bit higher sitting fee, but also will provide striptease in the room. 
  • The session will end after midnight, than you (and the girl) will decide, if she will go home with you or not. 

Tip: don`t forget to clear in advanced, if the girl will really go out with customers. Otherwise you spend the whole evening with a hot and sexy girl, but you will go home alone! And in a KTV not every girl is willing to offer "special" service. 

Most Popular KTVs in Dongguan

Mayflower (Wan Yi)

Plutocrat (Fu Hao)

King Long (Jing Lang)

Eurasia (On Ya)

Yi Hao 

Park Hyatt (Bo Yue)

Hai Xiao 

Good View (Ban Shan)

Royal Garden (Di Hao)

Hui Hua


Peninsula (Ban Dao)


Tang Xiao Hui Hua

Crown Price (Tai Zi)

Amazon (Fan er Sai)




If you know another KTV we should list here, we would be very happy, if you leave the contact details and your experience her: 

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    Chris (Saturday, 31 May 2014 23:13)

    Just informed by Toni (ISO Travel) that some Changping KTVs are opened since 31/05/14!

    Going to fly from Henan to Shenzhen next weekend. Final destination Changping of course!

    You can get more info at

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    Madhusudhansr (Sunday, 15 July 2012 17:54)

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