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If you are not able to speak chinese and if you are not familiar how to avoid beeing ripped of or cheated, than it could be a good way to book a nightlife guide. Most chinese cities you will not find a reasonable service like that, but for Dongguan we found two guides with good service and a good reputation. 

Dave - Guide Dave for Dongguan / Changping

Tip: Dave is trustful and don`t charge too much and we are sure, what you spend for him, you will save for the service because he know the market price and Dave can help you to get a good price from the girls and shops. 

Name: Dave ()Mandarin)


fluent english, chinese (mandarin), cantonese, also thai, spanish.



  • Personal Tours
  • Group Tours
  • Hotel Booking.
  • Transportation Booking (for example pickup from Train Station or Airport)
  • KTV Bookings and Hosting
  • Translation / Interpreter Services.

Hotel Bookings: 10 RMB service fee per day for all hotels in Changping (except Clipper, Penninsula, Swan Lake, Mayflower, Yihao, Peace, and Walter. David will receive commissions directly from these hotels).

Personal or Group Tours: 75 US$ per person per day / 100 US$  for two and 200 US$ for 4 people. 
KTV Hostings: 40R MB per person per party.
Interpreter Services: 200 RMB per hour 



Phone: (86) 15014803278

Toni - Guide for Dongguan Nightlife Entertainment

Name: Toni (from Singapore)

Company: Iso Travel


fluent english, chinese (mandarin)


  • Personal Tours
  • Group Tours
  • Hotel Booking.
  • KTV Bookings and Hosting

No fee, if you book Sauna, KTV and so on from the agency.



Phone: (86) 13428462464

If you have any experience with one of the guides here - good or bad - please leave a comment here to share it with our other visitors:

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    mike (Monday, 13 October 2014 02:50)

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  • #9

    tin zhe (Sunday, 19 January 2014 03:34)

    se tive not

  • #8

    haba (Sunday, 09 June 2013 15:17)

    Had Toni guide me through CP for the past few days. Could not have asked for anyone better. He checked in with me every day, booked exactly what I wanted, and made sure that I had a great time every night. Would not hesitate to recommend him.

  • #7

    seangrobbelaar (Tuesday, 30 April 2013 07:29)

    It is nice post... If you want to make your night out more entertaining with socialites so contact to nightlife tour guide. He will provides you all the better party opportunities in your city.You can also to know about nightlife experiences with city socialites.

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    seangrobbelaar (Tuesday, 30 April 2013 07:24)

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  • #5

    peter (Monday, 22 October 2012 07:37)

    sauna service center contact in dongguan:
    club name: cic motel
    price:550.650.750.-1150.1250(super model)
    sauna centre:3rd floor
    contact:+86-13416914765(manager Edwin)
    adress:hongwei road 17 nancheng district dongguan(东莞区南城区宏伟路17号)(if you are in nancheng district dongcheng district houjie town.shijie town dalang town. dalingshan town.daojiao town.wanjiang.hengli town.humen town.hongmei town .mayong town wangniudun town.zhongtang town gaobu town)you can take a taxi

    Tip:when you decide to the taxi driver the address,but do not let him know why you get there.because some drivers have ties with the club ,he may get 100 or 200 commission for that,effectively,you should pay more 100 or 200 yuan for that. so I suggest any friend who want to enjoy this service should contact the manager first before you begin to go.The manager will help you make arragement ,make sure you can enjoy the lowest price.

  • #4

    limos88 (Sunday, 23 September 2012 18:55)

    Was my first trip to China for some works in GuangZhou. Read about Dongguan while googling and took some leave to spent sometime there. With my poor command of mandarin I seek the services of Freeken. I am totally satisfied with their company and staff. I realise they are quite well respected by the entertainment circles over at Dongguan. The KTV , hotels etc. THe staff who followed us to the KTV make sure we are well taken care off and they only drink water. On a day when I arrive at Dongguan railway station at 8pm and not wanting to disturb them at this hour, I decided to check in to a hotel nearby(Yihao Hotel) was told a room 600+ rmb. I give him a call and he have his staff book a room at the same hotel from 400rmb in 5 mins with a booking code number.Really pleaase with their services among other things.
    They can be found at

  • #3

    Jebe (Wednesday, 08 August 2012 08:55)

    Toni is such a disgrace to Singaporeans

  • #2

    Jarol (Wednesday, 01 August 2012 10:34)

    Toni is a suck. He only book KTV room for us, no added value. Worse still, stay in the room the whole night, play with the girls and enjoy the drinks at our cost. He so called gave us FOC half a dozen of beer but his consumption is more than a dozen. Stay in the night left us no privacy. When call for bill, he insist we paid through him. So-called no charges to our a/c is unbelievable. He refused to show us the bill and give detail of how he charged. We spend only 2/3 of what we used to spend when visited to even more expensive places.

  • #1

    Alex (Tuesday, 17 July 2012 15:48)

    Used Dave's service recently. 200% of satisfaction. Recommend all people to apply for his service if you want to save time.

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